Peter McNally

Peter McNally, President and Founding Partner

Peter’s passion for marketing, innovation and talent development formed the vision for Purpose Growth Partners. Peter does his best thinking when he is cooking, skiing, fly fishing, exercising or watching the Big Bang Theory. He lives in Atlanta GA with his wife Charlotte. They have two children, Virginia 21 and Ben 18.

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Pat McMartin

Pat McMartin, Founding Partner

Pat shares Peter’s vision of strong customer focused marketing and a commitment to talent development which is at the core of Purpose Growth Partners. Pat’s passion is for customer experience optimization to ignite the brand reality. But, when not waxing lyrically on this topic, she can be found burning down her kitchen with experimental recipes, taking care of her “kids” – aged 85 and 90 (aka: Mom and Dad), or exploring new adventures in the Texas Hill Country.

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Charlotte McNally

Charlotte McNally, Partner

Charlotte is passionate about consumers and what makes them tick. She has the ability to get almost anyone to tell her their life story, including people in the check out line at Publix. When she is not writing concepts or working on insights, you will find her reading, cooking, or throwing the lacrosse ball to her loyal and tireless Boykin Spaniel, Espresso!

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